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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Gasoline Souls and Short Stories from Issigeac

Today - after chainsawing wood and firing up the Aga as winter finally arrives in January - I spend time attempting to promote my two publications on 'Smashwords' - only time will tell if anyone will pick up on my skilled wordage and start stuffing dollars into my macbook. 'Gasoline Souls' is a set of poems that cover pretty much 20 years of my life. There is a 'truth' in each poem and that is how I try to write - always inserting an event that has happened to me - and this remains the same for my short story writing. I have met some pretty amazing people throughout my life and elements of them survive through my writing. Over the next few weeks I will attempt to portray what it is like to write a full length novel as I embark on the third chapter of my up and coming offering and where many ghosts of my past have become solid, laughing, fighting and crying people - human almost....

'Short Stories from Issigeac'

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