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Sunday, 12 February 2012

3 Chapters finished...

I have reached that 'benchmark' of completing the first 3 chapters of 'Luxembourg'. It's unnerving as I have spent so many months on this piece of work that I am still not sure it hangs together yet. I cannot see an ending for the story yet and I have calculated that I need at least 12 chapters in order to make this a 'real' book. So, 3 chapters written and no real plan of how the book is going to go from now. I have decided therefore to formulate a plan. To take each chapter in turn and describe what is happening in the hope that a string will magically appear that will hold each chapter onto the next. And that this string will lead the way onto Chapter number 4 and 5 and so on. Summarising the contents of each chapter has helped me to focus a little on where the story is going - other ideas have started to formulate - ideas that will take up whole chapters and that will add quality and content to the story. I am leaning heavily on personal experience and I am still reading only books written by Graham Greene, in the hope that his brilliance will somehow leak into my writing. Greene was known to only write 500 words each day (when he was writing). To the point that he would finish mid-sentence in order to adhere to this habit. I don't do this. In fact I don't stick to any of the advice given by other writers. Advice such as always write at the same time every day. Or find a good place each day to write. Me, I just write when the feeling is good. And if it's not, I don't. I don't tie myself to any schedule. If the book takes two years to complete at least I know it will have been the best that I could have produced. Or - maybe I'm just putting off finishing the book and - to paraphrase Martin Amis - pushing it out to sea to see if it floats.

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