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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Chapter 4 - The French Foreign Legion

The snow has melted and suddenly the worship has moved away from the woodburner to the sun that shines outside. The birds that we have been 'feeding' via strange elastic-type food-balls are now ignoring us like a well-worn fast food restaraunt and flitting around the garden, taunting the cat. So - withdrawing the bird food I contemplate starting chapter 4 of 'Luxembourg'. I have drawn out a plan on a home-made whiteboard and this seems to have fed my mind with plenty of writing fuel. I have linked characters via marriage, split others through death and one character is destined to join the French Foreign Legion - the gem in my story - the subject that I have inside information on. And yes I knew someone who was in the Legion for five years and I know the reason they joined. It will supply me with plenty of ammunition. When this character left the Legion I met up with them in a small village in England and it was one of the more memorable evenings I have spent with someone. It led to many consumed beers, two crying French girls - one of whom wanted to sleep with me (instead of the ex-Legionnaire) - note: if possible do not piss off an ex-Legionnaire. This in turn led to a crossbow appearing from somewhere and being fired into an empty suitcase (we had moved back to the Legionnaire's flat by this point). And for the record - when fired into the case it sounded like a 'plop'. Still, as I was thinking at the time, better to be plopping into the suitcase than my head. Chapter 4 will be full of action.

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